What Career Outcomes Are Achieved by Graduates of the College?

Many graduates of the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training have found rewarding careers in counselling and related fields, involving government contracts and positions, religious and secular organizations, community service agencies, corporations, and private counselling practice.

Although career success cannot be guaranteed for any applicant or student, we are pleased to provide the following long and short descriptions of career outcomes to inform prospective students who may be considering professional training at Vancouver College of Counsellor Training.

Claire De B., B.A, R.T.C
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

Claire has developed a private practice in South Surrey specializing in helping people through the pain and grief of divorce. She also runs self-esteem and divorce care workshops and facilitates a group for grandparents raising grandchildren. Claire credits VCCT for a highly experiential program that became the stepping stone to a Masters degree in Counselling and an invaluable start to her career in the helping profession.

Kenneth K., RTC
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

I completed my Professional Counselling diploma program and certificate in Career Exploration & Development Skills in December 2015. I currently operate my private counselling practice in Vancouver and I also work in a non-profit organization. My training at VCCT was impactful - personally and professionally, and an indelible experience and journey. I equally attribute my positive on-campus experience to the dedicated staff and faculty as well as my peers. VCCT is a great environment for one's continuing education needs and as a springboard to new career paths in counselling and other people-helping professions.

Michael N., RTC, PMTO Specialist, FIMP Rater, Reflective Coach
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

Counselling for Intimacy in Relationships Certificate, Youth and Family Support Worker Certificate My experience with VCCT was more than just learning about counselling, but it was also a time of personal development. After graduating from VCCT, I worked as a liaison and coach to bring mental health programs to faith communities, as well as establishing my own private practice. I am now working with one of Canada's largest mental health organizations providing support to parents whose children have conduct and behavioural challenges. I am grateful for the knowledge and skills I have obtained from VCCT, as it has opened doors for me to help others make positive changes in their lives.

Alain L M.H., RTC, C.CH T
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

Choosing Vancouver College of Counsellor Training was a fantastic experience! VCCT is a team of supportive, understanding and caring people who are cheering their students up through the finish line. After graduating with VCCT, I was able to join my wife in our counselling business and therefor embrace my purpose and achieve one of my goals. I have been recommending VCCT and will keep recommending them as they have a special place in my heart and they are a part of my success.

Ruth H. MA, RTC
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

When searching a school to complete my counselling training VCCT caught my eye for its flexible programming and skills-based approach. Once enrolled, what really stood out to me was the high quality of the teaching. I was greatly inspired by two instructors in particular .who had a deep impact on my personal development as a counsellor, and helped me to shape the therapeutic style I now use in professional practice. The staff were also a fantastic support! Ruth works as a trauma and sexual abuse counsellor for a not-for-profit organization.

Anthony D., RPCc
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

Anthony works as an Addictions Counsellor at a non-profit organization and has a private practice specializing in depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, using a psychodynamic approach.

Yvette L., RPC
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

Yvette has her own private practice Inner Flow Counselling/Wellness where she employs a body centered approach. As a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner Yvette integrates holistic ways of healing and specializes in trauma, stress, anxiety and depression.

Sarah L., RTC, MTC, RCS
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

Sarah has a private practice in Burnaby. She works with individuals and couples, specializing in trauma, abuse, relationship building, and life transitions. Since 1995, she has also worked in hospice and palliative care as a grief and bereavement counsellor, trainer, and workshop facilitator. She is a partner at Creative Climate Counselling Group where she specializes in Compassion Fatigue, Critical Incident Stress Management, and Pet Bereavement.

Chelsea M.
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

Chelsea works as an Employment Counsellor and has her own private practice Qualia Counseling Services, specializing in mental health and addictions. Immediately after graduating, she was employed as a Mental Health Worker at a Non-Profit Society in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Debbie L.
VCCT Diploma of Professional Counselling

Debbie has a full-time position at Protect our Children Society in Surrey working as a counsellor and performing administrative duties.

Student Testimonials

"Helped me with my personal development growth, problem solving and people skills. Without my training I would not be able to do what I'm doing today."

"I believe my training has enabled me to have better relationships with others and a greater understanding of problem solving."

My training enabled me to develop the confidence to start my own practice and provided the certification and training I needed."

"Enabled me to develop the specific skills I need to deal with issues such as grief, sexual abuse, drug abuse and marriage counselling."

"I am a high school teacher and taking these courses has improved relationships in all aspects of my life. In addition it has increased my people skills, patience and understanding."

"The training increased my understanding of people in general. It is tremendous along with the people skills that I have learned."

"The counselling skills I learned and the current theories were helpful to me, especially those in sexual abuse and family violence."

"My training contributed to my clinical knowledge and augmented my existing management skills."

"My training permitted me to obtain a promotion at work by giving me the empathy and listening skills and also credibility toward my boss and with my clients (this student began as an assistant counsellor and became a counsellor after her training).:

"Not only did my training establish a solid professional foundation, it has had a positive influence on my personal life, fostering growth and insights and improved my ability to communicate."

"Helped me get the job in the first place. The skills and approach in understanding clients and problem solving have been used. Specific VCCT courses that have been most helpful are the Counsellor Training Course, Grief, Chronic Illness, and Multicultural issues."

From A Career Outcome Survey

"I have developed my own company whose goals and philosophy is to use a fun and interactive method to teach children ages 3.5 - 8 the basics of writing and reading."

"I am currently a case manager with Health, Safety and Compensation Commission. In addition I work as a counsellor in a private clinic with a psychologist. I deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, marriage and couple problems."

"I'm currently working on the development of my own private practice and I'm also contracted to do work in the fields of drug and alcohol and marriage counselling."

"I am currently working in a clinic that provides an employee assistance program and run my own private practice for local, national and international organizations and companies."

"I'm presently working in the field of counselling children."

"I currently work in an Aboriginal Safe House and work in the areas of childcare, strategic planning, goal setting and life skills."

"I currently work as a crisis counsellor for sexual assault crisis center."

"I have my own private practice and work as a vocational rehabilitation counsellor."

"I currently work for two agencies -- Abby Therapeutic and MCC Supportive Care Services."

"I currently work as a child advocate for children who witnessed abuse and also I am the Coordinator of the Victim Assistance Program."

"I currently run my own successful private practice. I have contracts to provide support services to government agency clients in new training programs after long-term welfare or unemployment. I also have regular contracts with employers and clients to insure both parties are satisfied with their performance and address stress issues in a preventive way. This is an annual contract with a current caseload of 70 clients and 60 employers. I also provide workshops for business and networks with government and First Nations and receive a lot of positive feedback on my work. I'm presently developing a two-day women's retreat which will provide workshops, confidential and other services."

"For the past three years I have been a career and employment counsellor in a resource center for HRDC."

"I am currently employed with the B. R. First Nations as a social development worker."

"I currently run my own private practice and work with people with issues such a substance abuse and dysfunctional families. Generally I deal with adults and young adult children of dysfunctional families and also work with issues such as abandonment and incest."

"I'm presently providing services for native bands in the areas of adult and youth, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and family violence. I receive referrals from teachers, social service agencies, Chiefs of Native Bands and Council Band Members."

"I work as a counsellor for individuals with issues related to cultural adjustment at the International Center (in Japan). I work with individuals, couples and families with problems such as cultural adjustment, depression, anxiety, and career transitions."




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