Shelter Movers – Free Service for Abused Women

I wanted to share some information about an amazing non-profit organization in Toronto that is now expanding to Vancouver. Shelter Movers offers moving services to women fleeing abusive homes and helps them either transition to a shelter or out of the shelter to a new, safe home. The work they do is so necessary – many of these women leave with nothing, so being able to go back with help and a security team/police escort means they can start a new life with their own belongings. This is a really helpful service that anyone dealing with domestic abuse or counsellors working with victims of abuse should be aware of.

They are also actively recruiting volunteers – both movers and admin positions such as marketing, operations, fundraising, and volunteer management.  Their volunteers must successfully pass a criminal background check and complete an orientation on trauma informed care prior to interacting with clients.  Anyone interested can contact their Volunteer Services group at


Thank you for Sarah Albo (VCCT graduate) for this information.


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